No photo description available.Sneez is from Schenectady New York and started playing drums at 3 years old.  With the support of his family he was encouraged to sit in with both of his brother's bands.  From there he played in all the school bands from elementary through high school.   He was self taught for many years but when he moved to Utah in 1978, he got more serious about his drumming.  His main focus during this time was to improve his rudimental hand technique.  Then in 1984 he became the drum shop manager at Wagstaff music and ran it until the year 2000. During that time he taught lessons, performed live, took lessons from Kelly Wallis, sharpened his percussion reading skills and started doing many recording sessions.  Shortly after, fate brought Sneez and Sherrie together!  Quickly they both realized they were perfect for each other!  Together they formed the Groove Drs Drum Instruction teaching team.  In 2005 they hooked up with Scott Graves of the On Track Music Guitar School and have continued working together to this day!


Sherrie has been teaching since 2002 and is our “Girl Drummer” role model but also has taught many boy students!  Sherrie started playing drums at age 5 and took lessons until she was 18.  She was also on the snare line in the Alta High marching band, and has performed with many bands including Sneez’s live karaoke band This is YOUR Band.

Sneez and Sherrie founded the Groove Dr's in 2001, have been married for 21 years, have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and can't wait to teach you drum lessons!